Higher temperatures in engine compartments mean that high-tech products are playing an increasingly important role. Our products are fully certified to meet these requirements and demands!

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Thermal insulation

If you would like to protect sensitive components against high temperatures, to minimize heat loss in pipelines and turbines or to insulate rear and internal panels of devices and instruments: In the matter of thermal insulation we are demanded dialog partners.

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High-temperature sealings

Sealing for secure feeling …

… For us a symbol of our quality standard to reliably seal (blast) furnaces), boilers, chimneys, dryer, heat exchangers, etc. in an energy-efficient and emission-resistant way.

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Fire and heat protection

Prevention is the best protection!

In order to prevent the development and spreading of fire, and to minimize its impact as much as possible, we offer special fabrics for preventive fire protection.

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Personal Protective Equipment

In order to protect persons against extreme temperatures, we manufacture heat-shielding fabrics and knitted fabrics. These are used worldwide for the production of personal protective equipment. Our high-quality fabrics and knitted fabrics ensure highest safety.

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