Our products

Our family of technical textiles ranges from narrow textiles, fabrics, needle mats and 3D moulded components to custom-made fabric solutions. Our extensive and innovative finishing, coating and lamination solutions are the result of extensive research and product development work that has put us at the forefront of the industry. In doing this, we are also ensuring that HKO Group continues to be a technological market leader in the industry. This means that our products, which are designed for temperature ranges from 350°C to around 1.600°C, are products you can trust.

Hakosil / 200°C

Hakosil 3500 gaskets are produced from a mix of elastomers and inert fillers aramid and inorganic fibres. Hakosil gaskets are resistant to most of the fluids used in industry as per their resistance specifications.

Hakamid®, Hakanit® / 350°C

Hakamid® and Hakanit® products are made from aramid fibres and can also be supplied with various other fibres mixed in.

Thermo-E-Glass / 550°C

E-Glass is a high quality specialty product and forms the basis of all our Thermo-E-Glass products. It has a high thermal resistance rating and excellent electrical insulating properties.

Hakotherm®-800, Silontex® / 750°C

These products are made from calcium silica fibres and have a filament diameter in excess of 6 µ. They offer excellent protection against liquid metals and molten metal splashes in the light and heavy metal industry.

Hakotherm®-1200, Silicatherm® / 1.000°C

Hakotherm®-1200 and Silicatherm® products are made from silica fibres. They are produced from continuous filament yarn with a filament diameter in excess of 6 µ.

Hakoplan-1100-Bio / 1.100°C

Hakoplan-1100 Bio is an insulating board made from bio-soluble, mineral SiO2, CaO-based fibres and contains traces of MgO, Fe2O3 and Al2O3. These insulating boards have excellent properties and are suitable for use in the steel industry, in industrial, furnace, and boiler constructions and the electro-technical industry.

Silicatex® / 1.200°C

Our Silicatex® products are made from high purity silica fibres (SiO2 content approx. 98.9 %). Due to their high long-term heat resistance, all of our Silicatex® products offer excellent protection against liquid metal splashes and hot waste products.

CMS-Bio / 550°C / 1.000°C / 1.260°C

CMS-Bio products are made from calcium magnesium silica fibres. The pure fibre is white and fleecy, is highly temperature resistant and has low thermal conductivity. In order to make them into textile products, they have to be mixed with organic fibres such as glass or chrome. The ignition loss of these products is around 15 - 20 %. As these products are bio-soluble, they do not have hazardous substance ratings.