Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

Power Plants / Turbine insulation

Our products – generating energy safety
Powerful heat resistance

Our insulation materials distinguish themselves through their high vibration and heat resistance, long service life and, in particular, their wear resistance. Due to the high levels of heat emitted by gas and steam turbines, it is absolutely vital that they are well insulated. When used in power plants, safety is always the first and foremost concern, which is why any insulation material used in these situations, has to be of excellent quality.

Thanks to their reliability and versatility, our high performance products, such as our needle mats, V4A reinforced fabrics and the G-Tec fabric, which has been specifically developed for insulating turbines, lend themselves extremely well for use as insulation materials in a range of different areas in power stations. Our materials and products come in a wide range of constructions and styles designed for fabricating insulation into all kinds of different parts and components, as well as heat shields and insulating sleeves.

Our materials cover all areas of application – try us!


Making life safe

Our insulation – product engineering at its best

On ships, fire protection is paramount and already plays a vital role right from the start of a ship’s life – from conception to design.

No matter whether a small yacht or a large cruiser – every ship is built starting with the hull.

The welding work involved in building the hull alone poses a serious fire hazard. A ship's daily running requires regular maintenance and associated repairs which present numerous risks that can be minimised or removed by making use of our wide range of high quality materials.

Making your journeys safer – with our materials!

Thermal Process Plants

Your insulation needs are important to us!

Our insulating materials – made to protect

Thermal processing plants have to meet very high safety requirements. The thermal insulation and seals in these plants form a very important part of their safety. We offer a wide range of thermal insulation and seal materials.

In order to achieve optimum results with our materials, they have to be precisely adapted to your specific needs and requirements. We have a long history of responding to the growing complexity of thermal processing plans by providing extremely high-quality products that are made to precise measure providing an optimum level of safety for your plants.

Our extensive product range includes solutions for all types of applications, including materials for thermal insulation and compensator construction.

No matter what your needs and requirements – thanks to our know-how and experience, we are sure to have the right solution for you.

Furnace and Boiler Constructions

Your needs are our inspiration

Hot – Hotter – HKO

Who better than the manufacturer himself to advise you on the best possible insulation solutions for you?

With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of glass and silicate, HKO is more than a competent advisor – and will also happily advise you on site.

You’ve got the project – and we have the turnkey solution!

In order to be able to determine the correct, best and most suitable solution for your needs, we can also conduct a thermal study of your installation.

From the production to the finished solution – with us, your project is going to be in very safe hands!


We keep things moving

Mobility & technological progress

At present, we are witnessing a proliferation of innovative developments, use of the latest technologies and modern designs across all industries – but most notably in the automotive sector – which is currently subject to significant future-oriented processes of transformation and change.

This dynamic is also affecting the requirements for managing thermal energy inside vehicles. Stricter laws regarding noise emissions and lower emission limits call for solutions that can be achieved by making use of our wide range of high temperature resistant materials.

Whether intended for use in exhaust systems, metal engine housing or in heat shields for cables and hoses: Our needle & stitch-bonded needle mats, sleeves, coatings and glass yarns are environmentally safe, and will be perfectly adapted to your needs and requirements.

Our materials are designed for use in temperature ranges between 300 – 1.100 °C. Not only do they distinguish themselves through their outstanding thermal insulation properties, but also offer high temperature resistance, excellent sound insulation properties, high acoustic absorption, vibration resistance, low shrinkage and outgassing behaviour, low fibre wear and the flexibility with which they can be fitted and removed.

When it comes to our thermal insulation materials, one of our primary strengths is developing custom-designed and customer-specific products and solutions for any and all sectors and areas of application that involve thermal stress – including the automotive sector.

So, if you are unable to find materials that are suitable for your requirements or application, then we would be happy to develop one! No matter whether big or small, all motorized vehicles – from motorbikes or tractors to trains – require the use of highly heat resistant materials in order to ensure long service life and work without failure to ensure a vehicle’s mobility. Just give us your specifications – and we will do the rest!