Fire and heat protection

Smoke curtains and fire doors

Our quality – your safety

As a partner for system suppliers of intelligent fire-prevention concepts, we manufacture high-tech fabrics and fibre mats for use in fire doors and smoke curtains. Smoke aprons are made of special glass-fibre fabrics coated on both sides with polyurethane. These fabrics have been tested for a one-time exposure to smoke at 600 °C for up to 120 minutes.

Fire barriers form a separating layer between the area which is on fire and the area to be protected. Fabric fire doors can be easily integrated in the architectural design of a building, allowing functional independence. Moreover, these fire barriers are characterised by their low space and weight requirement. Fire doors are intended to prevent fire spreading from one area to another, to contain fires, to ensure smoke-free escape routes and to reduce fire damage.

Fabric fire doors are made of Thermo-E glass fabric strengthened with V4A, coated with silicone or with a special fire-protection coating – F120. Some designs may include a needle-mat filling.

Smoke curtains are required in large buildings to prevent toxic gasses caused by a fire from spreading. They are particularly suitable for exhibition halls, warehouses, factories, shops, shopping centres, car parks and airports. Smoke curtains prevent the smoke from cooling down and sinking to the floor, which would result in it spreading throughout the building, making the fire brigade‘s job impossible.

Fire blankets

For those hot moments

Whether for personal protection, commercial kitchen or for car fires – we at HKO Heat Protection Group produce special heat-shielding fabrics for fire blankets adapted to every application. Fire blankets are mainly used to extinguish incipient fires. They are used to suppress the supply of oxygen, and thus smother the fire before it can spread.

Fire blankets for different applications differ mainly in weight and dimension. It is important that the fire blanket completely covers the source of the fire. For this reason, fire blankets used in commercial kitchens have at least 1,800 x 1,600 mm. For car fires, correspondingly larger fire-retardant tarpaulins are used. Custom-made heat-shielding fabrics from the HKO Heat Protection Group meet the latest European standards for fire blankets.

Fire protection on ships and submarines

Staying safely on course

According to SOLAS, all surfaces above 220 °C have to be insulated or protected to prevent flammable fluids from igniting. Statistics show that most fires break out in the engine compartment due to cracked oil pipes spraying oil onto hot surfaces. Engine-compartment fires are rare, but can be extremely costly for the owner and the insurance company, as the risk of damage, injury, and accidents resulting in death to the crew and passengers cannot be underestimated.

HKO Heat Protection Group has developed Hakotherm®-800 Easy Wrap – a sheathing consisting of a needle mat with thread-reinforced aluminium foil – especially for the insulation of exhaust pipes. Easy installation is ensured thanks to a self-adhesive backing. Our Hakotherm®-800 Easy Wrap needle mats fulfil the requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC. HKO products are used right from the start during the interior fit-out of ships. During welding operations, prefabricated sections and sensitive components are covered with protective welding fabrics to prevent fire ignition from flying sparks.

Non-flammable products are also used as insulation to protect upholstered furniture. Our needle mats are well suited for this application due to the range of thicknesses and densities available and their inherent flexibility allowing them to be easily adapted to individual requirements.

Protection of buildings and equipment

The stone age was yesterday

Fire doors, fire dampers, cable ducts, safes, engine exhaust pipes, ventilation pipes and jet bridges – all these applications have one thing in common: They require intelligent fire-protection solutions. We offer you high-tech products for a wide range of applications, adapted to the respective fire-resistance concept.

Whether silicone-coated heat-shielding fabrics, special fabrics with intumescent coatings, high-temperature needle mats or fibreboard – we always have the right material for your application. HKO Heat Protection Group offers a wide range range of materials that can be adapted to suit your needs. Moreover, we offer high quality on which you can rely. Together with your cooperation, we can develop the right fire-protection concept and select suitable products for your application.