About us

Heat Protection Group – about us

The HKO group is an innovative and strongly expanding company group of the sector of technical textiles. It is one of the largest suppliers of heat protection and thermal insulation products with approx. 230 employees at seven sites worldwide. Since 2018 the HKO Heat Protection Group has been part of the Saint-Gobain company group.

HKO GmbH was founded in 1974 by five employees in Oberhausen. Focus of the company was the distribution of heat protection products primarily using asbestos fibres for industrial applications. After asbestos fibres were classified as highly health damaging in the late seventies, the HKO Group pioneered in the development and establishment of glass fibres as asbestos replacement.

Since then the HKO Group has continuously advanced to be one of the leading specialty suppliers in the industry. The small trading company developed in only 40 years to an internationally established, vertically integrated manufacturer with a comprehensive product portfolio for extreme high temperature ranges.

Our modern production facilities in Germany, our sales and engineering offices in France, the USA and China, as well as numerous cooperation and sales partners worldwide reflect the international competency of the Group. They establish the foundation for our continuous, healthy and sustainable worldwide growth. Experts in sales, technology, research and development justify the technological primacy of the HKO Group in the worldwide competition. Customer proximity and customer service are further benchmarks of the HKO Group in order to ensure intelligent and appropriate problem solutions for our customers developed by qualified and motivated employees.

Research and development – a red hot topic

In an extremely sensitive area such as heat protection with all its facets, a company‘s research and development efforts are of extraordinary importance. Against the background of a dynamic and complex world, energy efficiency, functionality, environmental protection and safety are the decisive and reliable parameters of our understanding of research and development.

In our high-tech laboratories, chemists, textile engineers and technicians work with know-how and passion on forward-looking products. The close interaction between sales and technology in the HKO Group ensures sustainable market and customer orientation of our research and development efforts.

Patent applications and utilization far above the industry average are only examples of the union between science/theory and practical application in the HKO Group.

Beyond that, due to intelligent and flexible manufacturing processes, we are able to adjust our products to changing boundary conditions such as amendments and type approval regulations. Due to our close partnerships with renowned universities and leading institutes, our research projects are widely established.

In the HKO laboratories, our products are subjected to continuous and thorough quality inspections. Whatever the market will wish for or require in the future: Your problem is our motivation!

Production and Sales

We understand our trade and speak the language of our customers.

Innovative, modern production equipment and processes ensure market-driven, flexible and, in particular, customized fulfilment of customer requirements. Continuous training and advanced training, as well as distinct quality awareness of our employees in production and technology are the reason for the high quality standard of the HKO products now and in the future.

Many years of experience, expert knowledge, customer orientation and 9 native languages in our sales organization represent the fact that the HKO Group advanced to one of the most important contact partners for thermal questions of any kind. Whether textile, fabric or tissue - We speak your language.

Put us to the test – we find creative solutions suitable for your market for the versatile, challenging requirements in the branches and industries services by us. We - the employees of the HKO group worldwide – have one common goal: long-term customer satisfaction!

Service and logistics

Trust the experts

Customer service, customer care, customer satisfaction, customer orientation … many words, many phrases. We – the employees of the HKO Group – are here for you! Service is not only a word for us to decorate this brochure: To us service means commitment, passion and competition!

Our technicians and engineers are already involved during the design and development of specific applications. This way we are able to combine technical and commercial aspects of your requirements and projects in a marketable way. Successful, sustainable and, in particular, long-term collaboration requires perfect logistics and disposition services as well.

Our modern high rack warehouse is an example that we do not only ensure constant availability of our standard products, but that we can also reliably deliver customer-specific components and articles. For this purpose, we installed a global logistics system to reliably and quickly deliver our products to any requested location.