Aluminium / stainless steel foil / Aluminium-pigmented transfer foil

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Aluminium / stainless steel foil

  • One-sided bonded to fabrics or needle mats
  • Abrasion and flex resistant
  • High thermal radiation reflection capacity depending on the foil material
  • Maximum application temperature: Using various adhesive systems allows to classify different application temperatures (up to 170°C / up to 200°C / up to 250°C and above 250°C). Among other options this paves the way to increase our DEFENSOR Flex® product range in order to meet the increasing demands in the field of textile heat shields, high-temperature insulation and fire protection products.
  • Available in smooth, perforated, coarse grain, and embossed finishes

Aluminium-pigmented transfer foil

  • One-sided aluminium pigmentation film
  • Flexible and smooth
  • Abrasion and flex resistant
  • Good thermal radiation reflection capability
  • Variants: mat or mirror finish